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The law firm, Klauzer & Tremaine, LLC, was formed in April of 1990, with its office located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  At K&T, our primary focus is upon service to our existing clients.  New clients are accepted only when office workload permits, and generally upon recommendation of other clients or professional contacts.

Part of our law firm’s philosophy is that we recognize a responsibility to our community.  Each of the attorneys has performed some kind of government service.  Each of us has provided support and involvement with local non-profit community organizations.

We provide a wide range of legal services to our clients.  If a matter requires someone with special skills or training, we will refer the client to an attorney or other professional whose practice includes or focuses upon the specific client need.  For example, we have referred clients to other attorneys for matters of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.), complex matters of corporate merger, bankruptcy issues, and major personal injury matters.

With our philosophy in mind, we have developed this Internet site to provide some general background about our law firm to the casual visitor (the “reception area”), and to provide our clients with detailed background information (the “back office”) on each of the attorneys here, information on our current activities, and some general information on legal subjects areas you may wish to discuss with us.


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