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Diana’s Elk Recipe

Cut meat (pronghorn, deer, elk , or beef round steak) into thin cross-grain slices.  To do this, lay a piece of meat (being partially frozen works easier) flat on a cutting board and press down with the free hand, while making thin angled slices across the grain (about ¼ to 1/8 inch thick.)

Heat a cast-iron skillet to medium or medium-high heat, add some butter, and place a layer of the slices into the skillet.  Next, add a little salt and generous pepper on each side as the pieces are cooking.  As the meat browns well, flip the pieces, pepper again, and add a bit more butter.  (Warning:  If you set off the smoke detector, you are doing it right, as butter and cast iron always seem to make smoke.)

When the first layer is done, remove the slices to a warming pan, which contains just a thin layer of water.  Repeat the process with the next layer until you have cooked all the meat.

After about two rounds in the pan, turn up the heat a bit and pour in some tea (yes, just plain black tea or even coffee,) add pepper and let simmer, scraping the drippings around.  Then pour this “au jus” into the warming pan with the steak.  Turn down the heat before starting the next round of meat (if there is more to cook.)

Serve with sautéed (sherry and butter) mushrooms.  You may want to serve it in a shallow bowl/plate so that the au jus is contained.

Diana Eubank
Paralegal (and huntress)

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