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KTLaw Sponsors National Ag Week Festivities

It is National Ag Week – March 17 – 24, 2013!
If You Eat, Drink or Wear Clothing…Thank a Rancher or Farmer!

Klauzer & Tremaine is a proud sponsor of National Ag Week in Routt County, Colorado, and is a proud supporter of Community Agriculture Alliance.

National Ag Week is a special time to come together to recognize and celebrate the importance of agriculture. Agriculture provides almost everything we eat, use and wear on a daily basis. National and local efforts work to educate millions of consumers and ask “Where would you be without agriculture?”

Community Agriculture Alliance is coordinating several events and activities focused on education on the value of agriculture and how “ag matters” in Routt County. Our goal is to connect all of us with local agriculture.

Since 1999 Community Agriculture Alliance has been dedicated to local agriculture. CAA provides connections for agriculture and diverse community interests, building common ground in support of agriculture. We bring leadership in education and the promotion of agriculture (food, fiber, products and services). We believe that agriculture matters and our mission is “to preserve the agricultural heritage of the Yampa River Valley by initiating, supporting and encouraging actions programs and policies that mutually benefit and connect agricultural producers and consumers”.

CAA 2013 National Ag Week Activities:

March 3-13 – Ag Matters Bandanas and Posters to Sponsors

March 3-30 – Ag Matters Radio Spots

March 17-24 – Ag Week Restaurant Promotion

March 19 – Ag Matters insert in Steamboat Today

March 20 – Ag Week Breakfast

Join us in celebrating agriculture in the Yampa Valley.


Presented by:  Rich Tremaine, managing attorney, KLAUZER & TREMAINE, LLC

Introduction and Disclaimers:  This program is primarily BAFL (Business Advice From Lawyer), though some portions will include reference to legal rules or guidelines that apply in business situations.  You should not consider any comments as “legal advice” that you would apply to a specific situation; specific legal advice should be sought.  The “stories” that are included in the presentation are based upon true events, but have been modified to protect client confidences.

Topics Planned for Discussion, with References:

1.  The Three Requirements for a Contract to Exist —  An Offer, Acceptance of the Offer, and Consideration.  (Colorado Jury Instructions, Civil, chapter 30 and related citations)

2.  Attorney Ethics for Consideration in Business – Examples for Discussion include “Competence” (Rule 1.1), “Communication” (Rule 1.4), and “Fees” (Rule 1.5). [For the full text of Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, go to, select “For the Public” in the left column, then choose the option “Opinions, Rules & Statutes” and finally the “Rules of Professional Conduct”.

3.  Business Entity Choices in Colorado – Partnerships, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies.  Registration info at: For an example of legal services and documents related to corporate set-up, go to and select the “business” category.

4.  Written Contracts – Basic Provisions recommended for inclusion.

5.  Business issues related to e-mail, social media, and electronic communications.

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